Eva, Fiona, Rebel Characters

Become a BRAVE Mom

We are passionate about teaching kids conservative values. If you share our passion, we want your help spreading the word!



  • To spread the word about BRAVE Books

    What do BRAVE Moms do?

    • Our moms spread the word in a variety of ways, including:
      • Share about BRAVE with local families and sign them up as subscribers
      • Build communities of BRAVE families
      • Represent BRAVE at local events

      Why become a BRAVE Mom?

      • Make a difference in your community as well as your family
      • Invitations to bi-monthly virtual meetings with prominent figures that are experts on specific topics. These experts will equip you to make real changes in your community.
      • Access to a community of like-minded moms.
      • Free admission to the BRAVE conference (guest speakers come and motivate conservative moms) in July of 2022 
      • BRAVE Bucks, earned for each subscriber or BRAVE Mom you sign up. These points that can be redeemed on the BRAVE Books website.


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