BRAVE Book 6-Month Gift Subscription


BRAVE Book 6-Month Gift Subscription


Give the gift of BRAVE Books with our 6-month Gift Subscription option.  This is a one-time, non-renewing subscription purchase. The recipient will receive one book per month for the next 6 months. 

6-Month Gift Subscription 

  • $15.49 per book (save 23%) 
  • One book a month for 6 months
  • Paid upfront 
  • Does not renew 
  • Leave a note for the recipient during checkout


Watch the video below to learn more about the BRAVE Universe and the battle to save Freedom Island.

BRAVE Books is far from your average children’s book company. We have a subscription model and we send a book out every month with every single book delivering a conservative lesson that is so important for our children. 

The first book included in this series is Elephants Are Not Birds and covers the sensitive topic of gender identity, and is followed by the books below.

When you subscribe to the series you can look forward to books on the following topics:

  • Book 1 - Gender Identity (Elephants Are Not Birds)

  • Book 2 - Sanctity of Life (Little Lives Matter)

  • Book 3 - Anti-Communism (The Island of Free Ice Cream)
  • Book 4 - Cancel Culture (Fame, Blame, and The Raft of Shame)

  • Book 5 - Harmfulness of Critical Race Theory (More Than Spots and Stripes)

  • Book 6 - Right to Bear Arms (Paws Off My Cannon)



    While every book stands on its own, each book in the BRAVE series is part of a larger story that we will be telling over the years to come. Each story takes place in the BRAVE Universe, a thrilling world of drama, adventure, and a hint of the fantastical. The cast of lovable characters continues through the series, which builds into an ever-thickening plot. 

    These are books your children will beg to read, examining truths you’ll love to teach.

    And now, with both a monthly and annual subscription option, reading BRAVE Books is cheaper and easier than ever. 

    Families with a monthly subscription will automatically receive one picture book each month for a low monthly cost, saving 25% on each book. 


    BRAVE books are best suited for children ages 4 to 12


    Included with every book: 

    - The BRAVE Challenge workbook & games 
    - A special assignment letter to introduce the challenge
    - One or more character stickers to accompany the map poster
    - A Freedom Island flag sticker, to mark any cities you visited on your map

        It’s time for conservative families to start playing offense. Subscribe to BRAVE Books today, and teach your kids the values BRAVE Books stands for.




        paid 6 months
        19.99 | Save 23%
        Our best deal - one book every month. Renews 6 months.
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